When the hair begins to grow?

When the hair begins to grow? After completing the hair transplantation process you may feel a sense of impulsiveness, which afflicts many people in their desire to quickly realize the outcome of the process.

The patient should follow the instructions after the hair transplant regularly until maximum hair growth and optimal healing are achieved.
During the operation, the scalp is well sterilized from any peel or any blood associated with the operation, but the scalp will begin to regrow quickly after the operation. Care must be taken when cleaning the areas cultivated within the ten days after the operation, because during that period the body releases the healing factors for the full protection of seedlings planted in the new place. Know well that proper care for the cultivated area will reduce the chances of crusts that may appear on the scalp and thus make the hair transplantation in this area not noticeable and the healing more rapid and efficient
After three weeks of hair transplantation, 70% of the hair starts to fall off and after 8 weeks to 12 weeks, the hair grows again and the hair grows for about one year to get enough density.

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