Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the most common hair transplant, making up about 89% of hair transplantation in our center because men suffer from baldness and hair loss much higher than women. Hair transplant for men Hair loss in men is generally in the front and top of the head, Because the hair follicles in those areas affected by testosterone, which decreases with age to hair loss.

As for the hair in the back area of the head (hair area), it is not affected by the hormone testosterone, and therefore remains the most dense area of hair.
Getting a wound or burning in hair-raising places causes death in hair cells and prevents growth again
Certainly if you have an accident you want to forget this incident and all the symptoms that accompanied it, after the emergence of the technique of cultivation of pickling from the bulbs can restore your appearance again.
Hair transplantation in Turkey for men is carried out by the latest hair transplantation techniques used globally, in accordance with international health standards and results guaranteed 100% guaranteed 100% certificate of the operations we have conducted, with our center will get the hair you dream and regain your youth again at competitive prices and excellent quality ..

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